Mini Pops Apple Strawberry

Ice cream

Apples and strawberries, it doesn’t get any more Dutch than this ice cream. Juicy, sweet and super tasty, organic and without additives. Simple, local and delicious, we like that.

The apple juice in this ice cream is made by Flevosap in the Flevopolder in the Netherlands. The apples we choose for this are fresh Elstar apples. The juice is squeezed to the last drop with a tire press according to Swiss tradition. Then the juice goes through a sieve, but not too much: only the coarse parts are taken out so that as much fiber as possible is preserved.

These organic ingredients are in the ice cream:

  • 61% Apple juice
  • 22% Strawberries
  • Agave syrup
  • Lemon juice

You order these popsicles by the large box. One box contains 6 small boxes of Mini Pops Apple Strawberry.

VPE: 6x5x45lml.


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