Promotional materials.

Everyone should know that you sell Nice’s delicious ice cream, right? Shout it from the rooftops with our sustainable promotional materials.
Our wooden materials are carefully made at a social workshop and are made to last multiple years.

And did you know the use of our promotional materials results in an average sales increase of 30%?

Outdoor sign.

70 x 50 cm

This outdoor sign can be attached to your facade or window and is nice and large and clear, so ice cream lovers from far and wide can see that Nice ice creams are for sale at your place.

Wooden flavor board.

35 x 31,9 cm

Show what you have to offer with this Nice flavor board. It comes with cards with our flavors, as many as 8 of which fit on this board.

Window sign.

43 x 30 cm

Light but sturdy window sign that you can easily hang on the inside of a window, using a suction cup and clip.


A1 size

These posters allow passing ice cream lovers to instantly see their favorite Nice ice cream. Ideal for use with outdoor sidewalk signs.

Freezer sticker.

50cm in diameter

This universal round Nice sticker is ideal for sticking to any freezer to show what kind of deliciousness is inside.

Nice T-Shirt.

Size S-XL

Lovely soft organic cotton Nice t-shirts in a pink variant or in anthracite. An ideal garment to wear for any hospitality team.

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