At Nice we make tasty and good ice cream that lets you enjoy the taste of nature. Always 100% natural, made from the best organic ingredients. And produced with respect for people and nature. Ice creams to really enjoy.
Our ice creams consist only of natural organic ingredients: raspberries from Zeeland, whole strawberries with fresh milk and cream from Overijssel, homemade hazelnut milk or Original Beans chocolate. We use fruits when they are fully ripe and therefore full of flavour. Good fruit makes tasty ice creams, that applies to all ingredients of course. You will find a list of ingredients for each product.
We use only the highest quality organic ingredients, treated or processed without chemicals. You can find our organic certificate in the footer of our website.
Some of our ice creams are completely vegan. Such as our Vegan Choco Hazelnut, Vegan Pecan Caramel and a large number of our fruit ice creams. The product details indicate when a product is vegan.
Our ice creams are low in sugar. The fruit we use is already nice and sweet because of the natural fruit sugars, but just needs a little extra. We therefore add a little bit of cane sugar, about a teaspoon per ice cream.
We make every ice cream recipe from Nice ourselves, from our hearts and our hands in our own kitchen. We look for the tastiest ingredients and combinations. With a lot of time and attention we make our ice creams until we are sure that it is really tasty.
There is always a Nice ice cream near you, at the most beautiful catering places where you can eat and drink tasty and well. Here you can see what outlets are available in your area. You will also find our ice creams at the organic supermarkets Marqt, EkoPlaza, Landmarkt and various health food stores. You can also have it delivered via Crisp and Picnic.
As mentioned, we go for real and honest food and therefore do not use preservatives. This means that our ice creams have a limited shelf life of 8 months. Check the packaging for the storage period.
We pack our ice creams in paper packaging with the thinnest possible inner foil. Because this is not yet the most sustainable solution, we are testing with better alternatives. Because the most ideal packaging is actually no packaging at all. But of course we want our ice creams to reach you in optimum quality and food-safe.

Feel free to send us a message via sales@thenicecompany.nl or call us directly on +31 20 670 8479.