Nice stands for Nina’s Ice and was founded in 2013 by Nina Kamp when she discovered there was no fresh, pure and unprocessed ice cream available in the freezer section. Since then, we at Nice have been making delicious and good ice cream that lets you enjoy the taste of nature. Always 100% natural, made from the best organic ingredients.

Our ice creams consist only of natural organic ingredients: raspberries from Zeeland, whole strawberries with fresh milk and cream from Overijssel, homemade hazelnut milk or Original Beans chocolate. We use fruits when they are fully ripe and therefore full of flavor. Because real good fruit and ingredients makes delicious ice cream that is not only good for you but good for the environment.

Yes, we only use the highest quality organic ingredients that have been treated or processed without chemicals. You can find our organic certificate in the footer of our website.

The vast majority of our ice creams is completely vegan. Such as our Choco Hazelnut, Pecan Caramel and most of our fruit ice creams. The product details indicate when a product is vegan.

Our ice creams are low in sugar. The fruit we use is already sweet because of the natural fruit sugars, but it needs just a little extra. We therefore add a little cane sugar, about a teaspoon per ice cream.

We make every Nice ice cream recipe ourselves, from our hearts and hands in our own kitchen. In doing so, we look for the tastiest ingredients and combinations. We create all of our flavors with dedication and attention to detail, until we are really sure it is delicious and tasty.

There’s always a Nice popsicle nearby you in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland and even Spain. Here you can see what locations are near you. You can find our ice creams at organic supermarkets and various health food stores.

As mentioned, we go for real and honest food and therefore do not use preservatives. Our fruit ice creams have a shelf life of 2 years, our creamy ice creams 12 to 18 months from the time of production. Check the packaging for the shelf life.

We package our ice creams in paper packaging with the thinnest possible inner film. Since this is not yet the most sustainable solution, we are testing better alternatives.

We would love that. Please reach out to our sales team to discuss the possibilities: sales@thenicecompany.nl or +31 20 670 8479.

We currently have our online webshop available in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Feel free to reach out to our sales team to discuss possibilities outside of these countries: sales@thenicecompany.nl or +31 20 670 8479.

Feel free to send us a message at sales@thenicecompany.nl or call us directly at
+31 20 670 8479.


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