What we stand for.

The tastiest ice creams are made with the best ingredients. Real, whole fruits from the season, dark chocolate and organic cream. Fresh and local, that goes without saying.

Real flavors.

At Nice, we make honest, real ice cream. Not four kinds of sugar, powders or concentrated fruit juices or added colors and flavors. Sometimes we go for pure flavors like Pure Strawberry, other times we come up with something new: have you tried our Watermelon with fresh chopped mint? Or how about Pecan Caramel with pecans, caramel and Original Beans chocolate? And the transparency? You can find it directly on the packaging, where we show in big, clear letters exactly what’s in it.

100% organic.

The tastiest ice cream is made with natural ingredients. That’s why we use only the ripest strawberries, the creamiest organic cream and the best chocolate we can find. Always organic, that’s better for the soil and biodiversity.

Positive impact.

To make a positive contribution in the world, we look for growers and suppliers as close as possible. Because we have so many delicious fruits in our area too. While a mango or pineapple has to travel halfway around the world, we rather get Dutch blueberries and raspberries from close by.

Our wooden promotional materials are made in a social workshop and will last for years. And our packaging material contains as little plastic as possible and hopefully will consist entirely of paper in the future. As for our ice cream factory, it runs on solar energy. This is how we want to make the world more beautiful in our own way.


We strive to make the journey of our ingredients increasingly more visible and transparent. So that we can guarantee that everything is produced under the best circumstances. For example, we work with Original Beans for the fairest chocolate, with Noorderbos for biodynamic blueberries, De Ring and Fruitweelde for hand-picked raspberries and Weerribben for the best cream & milk.

Our partners.

At Nice, we want the best for you and nature. We are therefore very proud of the partners we share this philosophy with and have long-term collaborations with. Besides our growers and the workshop that makes our sustainable promotional materials, there is also Tommy Tomato, an initiative that teaches children in schools what healthy food is and where it comes from. Because the taste of real fruit is even better remembered when tasted in the form of a delicious ice cream!


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