Real ice cream.
Pure flavor.
Made with real fruits.
100% organic.
Feel good
Real flavor.
100% organic.
Positive impact.

Real ice cream.
Pure flavor.

At Nice, we make honest ice creams full of real flavors. Made from the best fresh ingredients, with respect for people and nature.

With fruit and dairy from local, organic growers and partners. So no purees, concentrates or other additives.

How it all started.

The Nice Company was founded in 2013 by Nina Kamp. She often made her own ice cream at home, for her three children. But in the store it was very different: no ice cream compared to the one’s Nina made. Fresh, pure and unprocessed did not exist in the freezer compartment.

That’s why Nina decided to change the ice cream industry and start out Nice. With popsicles that both taste good and do good – for ourselves, the fruit growers and the environment.

Meanwhile, our popsicles are available in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Spain.

Where to get Nice?


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