We at NICE are popsicle pioneers. From the start, we were determined to change popsicle land for the better. Because we believe there’s room for improvement. Fruit pops made with pure organic ingredients that naturally taste good. Why use artificial additives when you can make great-tasting fruit pops without them?


For us, organic was never a trend. It was the way we did things from the start. Out of love and respect for nature, we have been using all organic ingredients since 2013. It’s better for the soil, helps the bees and encourages biodiversity.


The solar panels on our popsicle factory make our production process energy neutral. We also make our promotion materials as sustainable as possible. The wood flavour boards we create for our retailers are made from waste wood in a sheltered workshop. The cards that show the different flavours can be changed, so the boards last for years.


Our popsicles are made from quality fruit sourced from the Netherlands or nearby. Because we think there’s enough delicious fruit to choose from here. This is also more sustainable. For, unlike tropical fruit such as mango and pineapple, local fruit doesn’t have to travel halfway around the world. Besides, it takes 200 litres of water to grow a mango in India and just 0.2 litres of water to grow an apple in Flevopolder. We are personally acquainted with many of the local growers, so our production chain is fair and transparent.


Fruit concentrates and ready-made purees aren’t for us. We make our popsicles with whole fruit. It’s the only way to preserve the vitamins, fibre and nutrients. It also results in the best flavour!


We believe in natural flavours. So you won’t find any artificial flavours or emulsifiers in our fruit pops. Then there’s sugar. Have you noticed that food labels sometimes list as many as three different kinds? Other fruit pops often contain glucose syrup, glucose-fructose syrup and invert sugar syrup. That’s too technical for us. We prefer to add a little organic cane sugar or agave. And since it’s very important to know what you’re eating, our quality ingredients are listed loud and clear on the label.