At NICE we make feel good popsicles.We don’t use unnatural additives to make our pops cheaper, and we don’t hide the sugar under three different names. We prefer using natural ingredients and being transparent. So please find ALL ingredients on the back of your pack. In BIG readable letters.


We don’t use any unnatural nasties in our popsicles, and that means our pops taste just as good as the ingredients we use. We are always looking for the tastiest strawberries, the creamiest cream and the very best chocolate.We only use fully ripe fruit that is jam packed with flavour. Good fruit and well-made ingredients make good popsicles. From all those beautiful ingredients, we create popsicles such as orange with star anise, water melon with fresh mint and vegan hazelnut chocolate with homemade hazelnut milk.


Popsicles are made to enjoy, so it is NICE to know that your pop does not come at the cost of something or someone else.

All our ingredients are 100% organic, which is good for soil health and for bio-diversity.

We buy our top quality fruit from organic growers close to home, since there’s plenty of great fruit just around the corner. Nice and sustainable, because, as opposed to mango’s and pineapples, local fruit does not have to travel half the globe to reach our popsicle factory. And did you know that a mango from India takes 200 litres of water to grow and a Dutch apple just 0,2 litres of water?

All our promo materials are reusable and made in a socially inclusive working place. And our popsicle factory runs on solar energy!